Career Planning

Career Planning – Consult With The Sales and Marketing Recruiter

Start your career planning off right by telling us your career goals. If you’re serious about advancing your career in the sales or marketing world, we want to know about your career goals. You don’t have to be actively looking for a new position at the moment to send us your resume or to be kept in mind for future opportunities.

If we’re not aware of your career goals, you could be missing out on key opportunities to take your career to the next level. If we do know about your career goals, we can consider your qualifications for our current and future search assignments.

The Sales and Marketing Recruiter receives new and interesting job opportunities on a regular basis. Some of these job opportunities are part of what we call the “hidden job market” and are not advertised through online job boards. As a result, the only way you can hear about them is through The Sales and Marketing Recruiter. We partner with organizations of all sizes, from large companies to midsize companies and start-up organizations.

Sales and Marketing Professionals, How Do You Get Started and Register with The Sales and Marketing Recruiter?

The first step is to send your resume and complete our online profile. There is NO charge for us to place you in a position.

Once you send your resume and complete our online profile, if we believe we may have an immediate fit, someone will contact you to discuss your qualifications and potential job opportunities. If we don’t reach out right away it could mean we don’t have a fit today but will keep you in mind for future opportunities. If we have a suitable career opportunity now or in the future, we’ll be happy to consider your qualifications.

Making a career change is a personal issue that affects your entire life. If we feel that we can help you, we’ll spend time getting to know you, your needs, and your goals. As you develop a relationship with one of our recruiters you’ll have confidence in their ability to represent you to potential employers.

Our business is making the best match possible between sales and marketing professionals and organizations and associations. Contact us today: